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The world can be one voice! Hürriyet-02/05/2020


Meriç Çalışan who continues to her music studies in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, shared photographs for celebrating the world jazz day with her musician friends from different countries. Çalışan also added “It’s been amazing 2 years playing with amazing musicians from all around the world, sharing our cultures with each other and putting that influences in our music was the best experience in my life! That’s why I love jazz it’s welcoming every culture under its roof! And with that , the world actually can be one voice without thinking about any race, gender, age..When we play together we are all in one heart!” 

From the Netherlands to Ankara Hürriyet-Haşim Kılıç-02/01/2020


Meriç Çalışan who is currently studying music in Rotterdam/ the Netherlands, came to Ankara to welcome the New Year with her family. Çalışan was on the stage with Cover Rangers, one of Ankara's leading music groups, at Samm's Bistro.

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