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About Meric

Meric was born in Ankara, 1993. At age 7, she started studying music at SCA Music Foundation. In 2012, Meric enrolled in Hacettepe University Conservatory and majored in jazz vocal. She studied jazz vocal techniques with various artists including Yildiz Ibrahimova, Meltem Ege and Randy Esen. After graduation, she started working at Hacettepe University Conservatory as an instructor. In 2018, she started her master studies in Codarts Rotterdam where she taught by Francien van Tuinen, Bart de Win, Harjo Pasveer, Dr. Michalis Cholevas, Tineke Postma, Dr. Dick de Graaf, and Jarmo Hoegendijk.


Calisan performed in various international festivals and workshops such as the 2014 Kosovo Turkish Jazz Week2015 Istanbul Jazz Festival2015 Umbria Jazz Workshop at Perugia, Italy, 2016 Pulawy Jazz workshop and 2017 Ankara Jazz Festival, 2017 Istanbul Jazz Festival2019 North Sea Round Town Festival, 2020 Rotterdam International Film Festival, 2021 Ankara Jazz Festival, 2022 and 2023 Ankara Culture Route Festivals. 


In addition to performing, Calisan continues to pursue her academic carreer. In 2020 March, she won the Second Prize in the Codarts Artistic Research Competition where her presentation and performance was mentioned as ‘’Meric showed how she arrives to find her own voice within the jazz field. Her data collection as well as her contextualization are strong: varied, well documented, and precise. She presented an engaging and high-quality performance of her own arrangement of Miles Davis’ “Nardis”.  Potentially a great contribution both for the jazz and makam domains.” by the jury members.


Calisan is currently a faculty member at Baskent University State Conservatory where she also studies Ph.D. in vocal performance and, she is still performing in various festivals and projects. 

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